The Festival is Back in 2022 !
This years festival will include all your favourite venues with the same style of great music they've had in previous years. Hundreds of people have gathered in the City Heart Mall and by the river at Wentworth over the years. The River Beach Caravan Park Walk up Stage will be up and running  along with Neils famous Poets Breakfast. This year will be no different, except a few new venues and the FREE Opening and Closing concerts featuring Russell Morris & Andrew Swift. See the full program below for more info.
Please note the indoor venues expect that you book a seat and have a meal with them, they all have different deals going for the festival, their contact numbers are on the last page of the program below.

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Mildura - Wentworth Country
Music Festival

See Adam Brands video below Adam was our Ambassador for last year 2021. Unfortunately the event like many was cancelled.  We wanted to keep this video as it highlights the importance of the festival for many people.

Artist Lineup

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Festival Program

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Participating Venues 2022

Gol Gol Hotel, Mildura City Mall,  

Coomealla Sporting Club, The Pizza Café

Mildura Golf Club, Nowingi Place Sound Shell,

Crown Hotel Wentworth,  

Apex River Beach Caravan Park 

Wentworth By The Darling

Red Cliffs Club, The Corporate Moose

Trentham Estate, The Euston Club

Mildura Brewery, Cafe 1909,

The Setts Bar 

Friends Of The Festival

On sale now see ticket link below. 

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The opening concert at Nowingi Place is on the 23rd of September.

There will be onsite food vans and a fully licenced bar.

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From live music to face painting, "Kids Day Out" at Mildura City Mall will have you covered this school holidays.

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The closing concert is on the 1st of October in Langtree Avenue Feast Street. We will be closing the street to traffic and bringing in the stage.

There will be many outdoor dining choices with the Resturants in the street. 

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Mildura - Wentworth

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